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Professional Development for CTE Courses for Mathematics or Science Credit   (Letter to Administrator: TEA Requirement: August 6, 2012)

All teachers assigned to teach one or more the following courses must participate in this Texas Education Agency (TEA)-approved training prior to teaching the course effective with the 2012-2013 school year.”


• Advanced Animal Science

• Advanced Biotechnology

• Advanced Plant and Soil Science

• Engineering Mathematics

• Engineering Design and Problem Solving

• Food Science

• Forensic Science

• Mathematical Applications in Agriculture, Food, and Natural Resources

• Statistics and Risk Management



For access to Texas Gateway, click the link below:



CTE 101 plus the applicable course is required for core academic instructors teaching a CTE class that counts as a Math or Science credit.

    Ex:  If a certified math instructor is teaching the course- Engineering Mathematics (a CTE math), the teacher must take CTE 101 and the Engineering Math course in Texas Gateway.  


Science Safety in High School plus the applicable course is required for CTE instructors teaching a CTE class that counts as a Science credit.

    Ex:  If a FCS instructor is teaching Food Science, then the instructor must take Science Safety in High School and the Food Science course in Texas Gateway.


NOTE:  Completing a course on Texas Gateway DOES NOT certify an instructor to teach a course.  The teacher must meet the certification requirements as specified in the TAC for the course.  These courses in Texas Gateway are REQUIRED PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT for the appropriately certified teacher.  

EX:  John Smith has a Physics 9-12 certification.  School “A” wants him to teach Forensic Science and has him take the Forensic Science Texas Gateway course.  

Can he now teach Forensics?  No 

Why not?  His certification of Physics 9-12 is not an allowable certification to teach Forensic Science to begin with.  Taking the required professional development does not certify him.  

How could he become certified to teach Forensic Science?   By taking and passing one of the certification tests that is listed to be able to teach Forensics.  (See Tab “Teacher Certification” on home page or click the link here)














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