This page is a compilation of resources that other districts have designed or are using to help with HB5.

Career Cluster Interest Surveys

Career Cluster Interest Survey

Career Cluster Inventory

Endorsement Videos     (Videos explaining endorsements to students and parents.)  

Unrelated videos are added to this site periodically, so the actual page number that HB 5 videos are on will change. Scroll through the page numbers at the bottom.  As of July 9, they begin on page 3.)


Winnsboro ISD Plans (updated Sept 2015)

Winnsboro 4 yr plan

WHS Graduation Requirements

Hawkins ISD Plans: (revised to reflect Technical Dual Credit courses in partnership with Tyler Jr. College)

STEM Endorsement

Public Services Endorsement

Business and Industry Endorsement

Multidisciplinary Endorsement


Union Grove ISD Plans

Foundation Plan (22 credits)

STEM Science


STEM Engineering


Business and Industry – Hospitality & Tourism

Business and Industry – Finance

Business and Industry – Business Management & Administration

Business and Industry – Agriculture, Food & Natural Resources (animal production)

Business and Industry Endorsement – Agriculture, Food & Natural Resources (welding or woodworking)

Business and Industry – Arts, A/V Tech and Communications

Arts & Humanities – Theater


White Oak ISD Plans

White Oak HB5 Graduation Plan

White Oak HS 4 yr. Plan with Endorsements

Big Sandy ISD Plans

Graduation Plans

Ore City ISD Plans

HB 5 Presentation

Foundation Graduation Plan with Endorsements 2014 Final chart

HB 5 Schematic of Foundation, Endorsement, Distinguished, Performance

Ore City High School Personal Graduation Plan Active   



Houston ISD HB 5 Videos and Resources

Klein ISD HB 5 Resource Page

Region 13 HB 5 Resources

Dallas ISD

Pick Your Path 

Pick Your Path 1 page overview 

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